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We Recover Funds and Provide Tax and Legal Counsel

Corporate and tax law that takes care of business.

Sky Law offers professional legal counsel that leaves nothing to chance and nothing on the table. We help recover funds that qualify for research and development credits, reduce your tax liability, increasing your bottom line and work to protect your assets as your business grows and shifts. Let us help you navigate tax and corporate law with confidence.

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Advocating for your bottom line.

Navigate the complex web of regulations, rules, and reforms of corporate tax law with a knowledgeable guide and advocate. Comprehensive, in-depth knowledge meets a tailored approach, crafted for your unique situation and adherent to the very latest codes and regulations. Allow us to help you find money to be reinvested where it truly matters — in your business. Of the hundreds of tax law cases counseled by Sky Law, none have been audited.

Protect what you’ve built with peace of mind.

Never walk into a negotiation — or out of it — without complete confidence. From selling to restructuring, we mitigate risk with attentive focus, maximizing value and opportunities while sidestepping common traps and pitfalls. And should a dispute or contest arise, we counsel and defend our clients every step of the way.

Counsel tailored to your business.

We’re as dedicated to your interests as you are. Acting as your accountability partner in every corner of the law from compliance to asset protection, crossing every t and dotting every i with the personal attention you deserve. Sky Law is built to provide a legal competitive edge.

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