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Almost every conversation we have about business law, no matter how it starts, ends up on the subject of taxes. It’s no surprise: it can be a murky area with a seemingly endless array of complexities. But through these conversations, we find that many businesses—through a combination of missed credits and opportunities to minimize tax liability—are leaving money on the table. The R&D credit alone is a veritable wellspring of unclaimed dollars each year. It’s our pleasure to help clients discover these hidden treasures.

Sky Law combines proven experience and cutting-edge expertise with attention to detail, so clients get practical and effective legal solutions. We guide our clients in a full range of legal issues with targeted advice and guidance. A multi-disciplinary approach to each case, from administrative and regulatory matters to divestitures and IRS disputes, Sky Law provides a custom-tailored approach for your unique legal needs.

At Sky Law, we bring the same level of attention and detail to your business as we would our own. We honor your trust with responsive attention and firm defense of your interests. Our commitment is to be a true partner, delivering optimal results that give your business a boost.

Let’s start a conversation and see how we can protect your interests.

About Ike Song

After several years of practicing business and tax law at firms large and small, I formed Sky Law Corporation to fully delve into my passion for uncovering hidden money from the IRS.

I am a member of the State Bar of California. I received my law degree from Loyola Law School, where I also earned my master’s degree in tax law (LL.M). I attended the University of Southern California for my bachelor’s and master’s in economics, and hold an SAP certificate in information technology. I have several publications in applied econometrics and have presented on the topic at institutions from Tokyo University to Harvard.

My clients have used words like diligent, genuine, and trustworthy to describe my counsel—I put it even more succinctly. I take care of my clients. Whatever you need, I’m there.

Why Engage a Tax Attorney?

When it comes to the tax code, the letter of the law doesn’t mean it’s one-size-fits-all. Each business falls within the parameters of the law a little differently. As tax attorneys, we fully understand how tax laws are crafted and how to work with them to maximum advantage. If it’s a matter of tax law, why not trust a tax lawyer? Plus, you’ll be protected by the attorney-client privilege.