What We Do

Sky Law combines careful attention with deep expertise to provide comprehensive legal services for small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs. We treat each client like a human, not a case. That means responsive, timely, and direct communication with your attorney. No matter what your business objectives are—or even if you need help determining what they should be—we’re at your service.

Sky Law offers best-in-class counseling across three core practice areas:

R&D Tax Credits

You’re about to get great news for your bottom line. Sky Law is skilled at recovering money for our clients, and the R&D tax credit is our specialty. The R&D incentive was built to reward all who are bold enough to innovate—and that definition is broader than you might think. R&D eligibility encompasses much more than new tech and scientific knowledge. It’s all about perfecting products and processes, and an experimental approach. We believe if you take the risk, you should get the credit. And this one offsets tax liability on a dollar-for-dollar basis, generating ready cash flow as late as four years after the tax filing year.

General Counsel Services

Let’s get your business on the right track. Whether it’s getting to a dotted line you can feel confident signing, or determining the tax consequences of an LLC versus Corporation, we’ve got it handled. And if you ever make the decision to sell your business, we work to get you what it’s worth. We pride ourselves on actively preventing litigation—we’re here to prevent loose ends from becoming unraveled in the first place. But if you find yourself in an undesirable legal situation, we’ll vigorously advocate for a favorable resolution. We work to provide the best legal touch legally sound.

Corporate law | Business Litigation | Mergers & Acquisitions | Divestitures | Valuations | Entity formation | Restructuring | Contracts

Tax Law Counsel

The US tax code can be daunting, but don’t let it hinder the profitability of your business. Instead, let us help you work the tax code to your advantage. Every firm will tell you they minimize tax liability and maximize return. Sky Law does more than checkboxes: whether your financial interests are stateside or offshore we dig deep to design a fully-optimized tax plan. As your business matures, we’re a savvy partner in navigating the increasing complexity of compliance and regulations at the federal, state, and local levels. We also counsel high-net-worth families and individuals on asset protection and wealth preservation.

Planning | Compliance | Credits | Estate Planning | Trusts | Tax controversy| IRS disputes | Audits | Appeals | International Tax | FBAR